How Would You Like To Turn More Leads Into Buyers Than Ever Before & Double Your Online Sales In The Next Few Weeks?

Sounds like a bit of a stretch right now I know but...

The world wide web is a POWERFUL BEAST

And when you have a winning strategy in place

It's honestly not too difficult to see your results soar.

Now, I probably don't have to stress the importance of having a profitable online presence to you as you already know that...

Customers are buying more and more online

And they don't want to buy from a “faceless company”.

They want to see your website

Have a look at your Facebook & Twitter pages

And Google YOU before they buy.

Look, even if you're one of the few businesses left that still does more business offline than online...

Your customers are still going to use the web to make their ultimate buying decision.

They want to trust who their doing business with and these days trust is built around your online presence.

That's why you absolutely have to be showing your prospects what they want because if you don't...

Your prospects won't turn into leads

And those leads won't turn into sales.

Do it the RIGHT WAY however and you'll have an army of raving fans and customers that buy, buy, buy.

If you want to collect the small fortune that's waiting for you from online sales then listen up as I've got a couple of things for you

That will instantly increase your results.

Firstly, you have to start unleashing the power of email marketing.

Your prospects are probably used to being spammed to death by your competitors 

And their “special offers” and “latest deals” emails.

Now, I don't know about you but I personally hate being sold to this way and more often than not...

This kind of email goes straight in the trash.

That's if I even read it at all of course

And we both know that the vast majority of this email isn't even being read.

Bad news as if you're email isn't even being opened

You can't make sales.

Thankfully there's a much better alternative.

Build trust & rapport with your list.

Don't hammer their inbox's with junk mail

Don't relentlessly tell them that you're offering 25% off

As they've seen this all before a million times.

Give them value.

Give them a reason to read your emails 

And you'll be giving them a reason to choose YOU.

One simple way to do this is to create a few simple blog posts.

You don't have to set the world on fire with your groundbreaking writing style

You just have to offer a few words of wisdom that will help your audience.

Once you have a few of these you can email your prospects

And tell them you've created something that might interest them.

No hard sell, no gimmicks, no pushy salesmanship

Just valuable information that they can use before any money has changed hands.

If you're clever...

You'll insert a “call to action” at the end of your blog posts

And ask them to have a look at one of your offers.

With a warm, fuzzy feeling now flowing through their body

Because a business has treated them differently

They're already going to be pre-sold a lot of the time

And this is going to put more money in your pocket time and time again.

This is just one of the strategies I personally use to turn more leads my way

And out of the hands of my competition.

In Online Profit Masterclass I reveal more of these highly effective, highly profitable strategies and I think it's going to be an excellent fit for you because...

You're clearly serious about generating more leads from the web

And you're probably even more serious about turning those leads into BUYERS

As that's what's going to give you a much easier life at the end of the day.

All my methods are simple and easy to implement from the comfort of your own home or office

So you don't have to worry about jumping over a steep learning curve

Having to hire a gazillion employees to manage everything

Or tearing your hair out after one billionth of a second because you're frustrated.

It's specifically designed so that business people from anywhere in the world, selling in any market to all kinds of customers can see RESULTS.

Over the course of 5 modules and 20+ videos you're going to discover just how easy it really is to take advantage of the wealth of opportunity that sits online.

I introduce you to this world of BIGGER sales and BIGGER profits in the first module.

As I don't want to throw you in at the deep end we'll start by talking about the obstacles that stand in your way.

There's always a few things standing in the way of you and the results you want so I figured I'd make you aware of them so you don't run scared if they appear.

Next I want you to be ready to build your following so I'll share some thoughts on how to keep yourself motivated and on track

So your hard work seriously reaps rewards.

Next we'll talk about why guesswork is going to poison your networking efforts

And why you have to cut out this all too common habit you want to succeed online.

Next I'll reveal what your business card really is and here's a clue...

It's not just a business card.

I also want to talk about the different stages your customers must pass through before they become raving fans and customers.

If you want a legion of hungry buyers looking to spend then you'll want to do what I show you in this video.

To finish module #1, I'll show you how to research different offers so you know what to sell but more importantly...

When to sell it.

In the second module we take a slightly different turn and talk WEBSITES.

If you haven't already built a website then now IS the time.

I'll show you where to buy your domains and hosting for rock bottom prices

And then how to have WordPress installed with an eye-pleasing design

In just a few minutes.

I'll share the importance of drawing out a “treasure map”

And show you the best, little known places to get high quality images and illustrations for your website.

As I talked about how lucrative blogging was earlier

I've also included my incredible 6 step formula for creating blog posts

That wow your audience and have them hanging on every word you say.

Ultimately in the second module you'll discover that you don't have to be a talented web designer or writer

To build a world class sales machine.

And that's what we're looking to build – a sales machine

So unsurprisingly, the third module is dedicated to that.

I'll give you a quick look at what your sales funnel should look like

By showing you your sales funnel from the outside in

Before I reveal the exact things that are going to sky rocket your sales numbers.

You'll see how I personally build squeeze pages and sales funnels

That force your prospects to sit up, take notice and hand over their email address.

If you want more people leaving you their emails than ever before, you have to see this.

After this big revelation I'll give you a GUARANTEED way to make more money.

No ifs, no buts – if you do this you'll see your sales increase

And if you use this strategy like I do, you'll see your sales increase BIG time.

Module 3 ends with a video on pricing and testing 

Also known as the boring stuff but hey...

If you get your pricing right

And know how to really test what you're doing

The avalanche of new business will more than make up for the few dull minutes you spend on tweaking!

Now onto the fourth module...

It's nearly “crunch” time so here you'll discover a few more insider secrets that will transform your business the second you use them.

I'll tell you why understanding your target market equals GIANT paychecks

And let you in on something called “visual continuity”.

It's a branding strategy that most internet business owners fail to exploit

And they lose thousands of dollars because of it.

I'm not going to let that happen to you.

I'll also tell you how you can unlock the power that lies in your “about me” page

And share with you a few other pages your website NEEDS

If you want your customers to truly trust you enough to buy.

To finish the fourth module, I'll reveal my own strategy for formatting blog posts

So they look good, deliver value and most importantly...

Pre-sell your leads so they buy from YOU.

As we reach the fifth and final module you're well set to take the internet by storm

But I still have a few more golden nuggets to share with you.

I'll talk you through how you can create your own awesome offers at will

And then walk you through the 6 things EVERY customer demands before they'll join your “fan club”.

I'll reveal how you can show your leads MASSIVE PROOF that you're an authority and expert 

And this alone will boost the size of your paychecks.

You'll then see where to place your call to action for the best results

And no, it's not where you or most “gurus” think.

And in the final video I'll leave you with a video that will allow you to create products that WORK

For both you and your customers

Without too much difficulty.

With Online Profit Masterclass in your arsenal you'll be an unstoppable force online

And when you get this, you'll see that your competitors are missing a bundle of tricks

And practically letting you take the lions share of online sales.

Now, with all this on offer you'd think I'd be charging a small fortune but I'm not.

I toyed with the idea of only letting a select few in on this for several hundred dollars a pop

As that's what similar courses sell for but that wouldn't be fair to you.

As you're making an investment in your business and your future I thought I'd do the same

So if you scroll down the page now you'll see that this is incredibly affordable

Because I've slashed the price.

It's also RISK FREE.

To make life even easier for you I've attached my UNCONDITIONAL

60 day money back guarantee to this so if at any time you don't think...

What's inside Online Profit Masterclass will double your online sales

You can just send me an email saying it's not for you

And I'll swiftly return your investment


That's probably not going to happen though as what's inside is POWERFUL stuff

And it can transform the fortunes of ANY business in ANY niche

Even if you've never sold a thing online before.

I want you to start generating more leads TODAY

So let's get the ball rolling sooner rather than later.

Hit the buy button now and I'll see you inside the members area shortly.

Life as a successful internet business owner awaits you...

Artisan Bread

There is nothing like the real deal to impress your friends with your craft and skill in the most sought after artisan bread - CIABATTA - and I can show you how to create the perfect loaf from my 19 years of practicing the art and craft of the prefect ciabatta bread. People love, and repeatedly comment on this specific recipe, and the special craft techniques I plan to teach you. 

I want to share with you the secrets, techniques, and insights that produce the perfect, reliable, consistent, and impressive results you find in preparing, baking, presenting, and eating the perfect Ciabatta loaf.


The 3 qualities that make Cannon Rocks Ciabatta stand out above the rest is firstly the unmistakable SHAPE of a perfect Ciabatta. 

Ciabatta means 'slipper' in Italian.

The unmistakable shape of an authentic Ciabatta loaf is attained through an artful eye into the practicality of the intended loaf which gives every hand crafted shape its distinct characteristics.

“ We want everyone to experience the low gluten qualities and rich characteristics of artisan bread — our Ciabatta is a signature bread.”

The second quality of our Ciabatta bread is the unmistakable texture of the crumb and the experience of delicate but sturdy strands. The texture is what you expect from a quality artisan bread that is both robust and versatile, suited for many occasions. 

Our Ciabatta loaves can handle the punch, they are structured with spring and bounce to handle tough situations as well as fine presentations.  

Lastly, our Ciabatta Artisan Bread is in a league of it's own when it comes to TASTE. An unmistakable experience that reminds us how the earth cares. Experience that unmistakable crunch and aroma that carry quality which never disappoints.  A heavenly gift from the elements of earth, water, air, and fire. These elements combine and fuse to deliver the unmistakable qualities that make our Ciabatta a one of a kind experience.

The Process

A few simple but involved steps that will help you create and repeat perfect results every time you work on your craft to bake the perfect artisan style Ciabatta bread.

If you took a commercial white bread loaf and squashed it with both your hands, as in flattening it, you will end up with one compressed and irreversibly damaged loaf of bread. Like squashing a fluffy tuff of cotton candy and oops, a lump of soggy sticky sugar.

This will never happen to a true artisan baked Ciabatta bread - impossible - ok, nothing is impossible... a steam roller would do the job just fine. But squashing the loaf like you would do a commercial white loaf?  No way... it will bounce back like a spring loaded coil, or right back like a jack in the box.  A Rustic and robust bread for the modern family in an active lifestyle.

Ciabatta Artisan Skills Online 


Bake the perfect CIABATTA!

Learn the secrets to forming the prefect shape, creating the perfect structure, and nurturing the perfect taste of authentic artisan baked Ciabatta without spending the next 2 decades perfecting it, like I did.

I will show you masterful techniques in creating an awesome Ciabatta artisan loaf.

Ciabatta Workshops

For enthusiasts interested in becoming a masterful Ciabatta Baker to add that impressive value and quality skill to their existing life, and impress their friends or feed their family a bread of quality craftsmanship.

Ciabatta History Lesson

Did you know that Ciabatta was invented in 1982, and is not some ancient Italian artisan bread which developed over generations of practice. In fact, Ciabatta is around 3 decades old and here in Cannon Rocks, Master artisan baker John Deacon has put nearly 2 of those decades into the practice and perfection of a Ciabatta that is uniquely identified by it's 3 main qualities.

Weekend Local Workshop

On demand private individuals or groups who want to visit the lovely seaside village isolated in nature, and learn to create the signature Ciabatta Artisan bread, famous all over the world.

Heart of Africa Workshop

A quarterly workshops open to local and international visitors to learn the art and craft of Artisan Ciabatta, and enjoy the surrounding African landscape and attractions like nature, wildlife, safari, and local food and culture.

Online Class & Support

For those who want to get started right where they are located not matter where in the world, and follow my hands on Ciabatta creating and baking process all from the comfort of your desktop. Enjoy Facebook group community support and updates.

The Taste of Quality

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