There is nothing like the fresh, aromatic, and impressive style of authentic Ciabatta, the most sought after artisan bread world wide. I'm going to show you how to create the perfect Ciabatta loaf from over 19 years of practicing the art and craft to baking the prefect Ciabatta bread.

The secrets, techniques, and insights I am going to share with you, produce the perfect, reliable, consistent, and impressive results you find in the meticulous preparation, baking, presenting, and devouring of the perfect Ciabatta.


The 3 qualities that make Cannon Rocks Ciabatta stand out above the rest is firstly the unmistakable SHAPE of a perfect Ciabatta. 

Ciabatta means 'slipper' in Italian.

The unmistakable shape of an authentic Ciabatta loaf is attained through an artful eye into the practicality of the intended loaf which gives every hand crafted shape its distinct characteristics.

“ We want everyone to experience the low gluten qualities and rich characteristics of artisan bread — our Ciabatta is a signature bread.”

The second quality of our Ciabatta bread is the unmistakable texture of the crumb and the experience of delicate but sturdy strands. The texture is what you expect from a quality artisan bread that is both robust and versatile, suited for many occasions. 

Our Ciabatta loaves can handle the punch, they are structured with spring and bounce to handle tough situations as well as fine presentations.  


Our Ciabatta Artisan Bread is in a league of it's own when it comes to TASTE. An unmistakable experience that reminds us how the earth cares. Experience that unmistakable crunch and aroma that carry quality which never disappoints.  A heavenly gift from the elements of earth, water, air, and fire. These elements combine and fuse to deliver the unmistakable qualities that make our Ciabatta a one of a kind experience.

If you took a commercial white bread loaf and squashed it with both your hands, as in flattening it, you will end up with one compressed and irreversibly damaged loaf of bread. Like squashing a fluffy tuff of cotton candy and oops, a lump of soggy sticky sugar.

This will never happen to a true artisan baked Ciabatta bread - impossible - ok, nothing is impossible... a steam roller would do the job just fine. But squashing the loaf like you would do a commercial white loaf?  No way... it will bounce back like a spring loaded coil, or right back like a jack in the box.  A Rustic and robust bread for the modern family in an active lifestyle.

Ciabatta Workshops

For enthusiasts interested in becoming a masterful Ciabatta Baker to add that impressive value and quality skill to their existing life, and impress their friends or feed their family a bread of quality craftsmanship.

Ciabatta History Lesson

Did you know that Ciabatta was invented in 1982, and is not some ancient Italian artisan bread which developed over generations of practice. In fact, Ciabatta is around 3 decades old and here in Cannon Rocks, Master artisan baker John Deacon has put nearly 2 of those decades into the practice and perfection of a Ciabatta that is uniquely identified by it's 3 main qualities.

Ciabatta Artisan Skills Online 


Learn how to bake

the perfect CIABATTA!

Learn the secrets to forming the prefect shape, creating the perfect structure, and nurturing the perfect taste of authentic artisan baked Ciabatta without spending the next 2 decades perfecting it, like I did.

I will show you masterful techniques in creating an awesome Ciabatta artisan loaf.

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