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Audience Specificity Creates Interested Attention

Being audience specific in marketing and sales is good for the strategy – unfortunately the idea of one marketing strategy and a solid campaign doesn't exist as a starting point. 

You start by being agile, and creating many niche pages and messages to get a read on the audiences you target and learning about their interests and responsiveness to what you're saying.

The more specific you are with your marketing, the better chance you have to capture the interest of a visitor to learn more about you, your product, or your service. 

It's funny, but just like in human relationships, we want someone to hear and understand us, and only then do we feel we can trust them with a problem we might be facing. 

In digital marketing, trust is all about understanding our customers and focusing specifically on the things we can do or help them with. Not as a one stop shop fixing the worlds woe's, but specifically and personally.

The world will discover that the purpose of the internet is to bridge the gap in inter-personal communications and that means being relevant, clear, specific, and sincere with our representation to others online.

The more specific and sincere, the better for your marketing because the internet is not a one way broadcast, but a two way evaluation. 

Photo by Mona Eendra on Unsplash

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