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A Creative Website Builder and Management Platform

Creating content super fast with audio transcription using TRINT

There is no easier way to convert audio into content for blogging or written form. Trint allows the speedy transcription of audio into digital text with an super fast process and intuitive platform.

Remember that audio transcription using an intelligent tool like Trint is only possible if your recording equipment, or quality of the recorded voice is good and legible. There's no point of transcribing unclear audio and then complaining that the transcription isn't magically clean. So make sure audio is crisp and clear.

Once the transcription is done you can navigate around the text with a full sync to audio. This means that wherever the audio is playing it will follow on in the text, or where you click on the text the audio will be synced. This is very useful if you're not sure about the context of a word, or a word is unclear and you want to hear the specific word that was transcribed. Now you can click and it's synced for your review.

Once you have a transcription you can work with you can turn it int just about any type of content you need for your audience, whether a published interview, creative blog post, or marketing and sales material for the organization. Anything is possible with digitized text.

My transcription of 1h17m of audio took exactly 18m47s to transcribe. That is a major time saving to get to a baseline document full of copy to edit for social media, press releases, or content for the web.

This 1h17m transcription yields 11140 words on rough count. Did you know that the average novel is around 80,000 words?

Check out the power of Trint which even includes the ability to add your own vocabulary for those technical whizkid's inventing new things.

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