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How Important Are Digital Skills?

Time and Interest

The other things is that time is really ticking, and very few of us personally know anyone older than 100. Time is running out, no matter what they say, you will probably not live much longer than 100 in this lifetime. And if you do, will you be doing what you are doing right now?

Time waits for no-one, we don't have time to dick around with learning how to solve technical issues - we must focus on creating value. People are finding value in all the nooks and crannies of the mind. Combing automation with repetitive tasks we find value in applications that cut our time short when messing with repetitive technical tasks.

Hell, we would rather be doing something else, unless you're solving a problem no-one other has solved and committed to finding a solution come hell or high water. We are either doing something because we have interest in doing it, and when we do, we want to eliminate the repetitive tasks.

This is the true value of creating value in a digital world - helping others save time and energy by providing a shortcut to doing it faster and better. An example that comes to mind are companies who understand how their customers use digital systems and help them do their job better. 

Value isn't always packaged in terms of faster or better, but a ways that amplify the effect you're trying to create in your customers experience, or in his mind. Value could be the quality of time spent with loved ones, or in the promise of bliss.

Value in terms of shorting the involvement of interface time (internet face-time) is at the core of our values. For me the highest form of value is placing myself at the service of others doing what I do best; giving them more time away from running a web presence and offering a turnkey service.

Sometimes this value to others comes at the price of being shackled to systems myself. But one thing I've learned is that suffering in order to learn and pass value on to others is the most rewarding experience of my life, although it has come at a great price. 

Let's talk about value - draft to continue...

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