A Creative Website Builder and Management Platform
A Creative Website Builder and Management Platform

How to Create a Website from Scratch

Setting up a website can be fast and easy with the following checklist:

  • Register Domain Name
  • Establish Website
  • Access and Manage

Register Domain Name:

To establish and run a website you need a domain name which will simplify the universal resource locator address to make more sense. Instead of a website found on the actual URL address as an IP address such as, your website will be found through a word or name such as https://mywebdomain.com.

Search Google for a domain registrar by searching keywords such as "register domain" or "domain registrar".

We recommend the following registrars:

https://namecheap.com (Global)

https://registerdomain.co.za (South Africa)

Once you have a domain registered you will need to set up the DNS (Domain Name Service) record to point the domain name to the IP address where your website will be stored and hosted. This means that the website files are located on a server that is managed by a platform and your domain name needs to be directed to this space, which is identified by an IP address. 

Establish Website:

Go to https://cyberkinesis.com and create a free user account on the platform. You can create and manage one or multiple websites from our powerful platform.

Creating a website on CyberKinesis replaces the complexity involved with the following tasks:

  • Creating and configuring a website hosting server.
  • Installing and maintaining website platform software.
  • Installing an SSL security layer.
  • Installing and configuring functionality plugins.
  • Buying or ordering a web design theme.
  • Familiarizing yourself with technical code for customization.
  • Our platform automates many of the functions involved with programming and designing a website that is scalable and secure for growing a business online.

Go to https://cyberkinesis.com/themes to see what ready to go designs suit your current website needs. 

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