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A Creative Website Builder and Management Platform

Selecting Images for your Posts in Semantic Process Automation

To give you an idea of image selection as it relates to Syntropy Cloud Mining. Imagine that the articles are there to interest and inform the reader who might, or might not be aware of the Syntropy value offering (i.e. mining dashboard). The article is there to introduce, share knowledge, conclude and suggest an action (like checking out, or signing up for the mining platform).

The image is not illustrative but rather emotive. We want to show the reader we are in touch, have divine power, and create a sense of well being. For example. An article talking about Bitcoin Green could feature an image of green forest, and a distant encroaching industry, or a family in nature, or a tree with a city backdrop. Know what I mean? So 1 image, 1 article, 1 headline with possible sub headings. At this point a creative writer could have fun and enjoy the job.

The deliverable are individual files with a spreadsheet so that a technical person with no creative writing interest or skill can grab the relevant information from a collaborative space and do the technical work required, after which a search engine resources could analyze as a URL on the web.

Photo by Philipp Mandler on Unsplash
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