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The Effect of Language on World View

The language we think and communicate in plays an overwhelming role in how we see the world. In other words, your reality and how you perceive it physically, mentally, and spiritually is based on the language, the word itself.

A word is an artifact, a container of meaning. It represents an image that penetrates all dimensions by way of visualizing how it impacts the meaning of a physical sensation. Words are physical reference points for actual experience.

Knowing more than one language has the benefit of ascribing vocal sounds to the same object or thing and derive the benefit of the effect of that word on the reality that created it.

Every word has a root into a different time of reference. Each word has a root in it's cultural heritage, and it's general grouping on the surface of meanings which strips away context by the very nature of it's existence.

It's easy to discounts the integral conception when a distinction is made for the existence of a word, which embodies the creative thought that shapes it.

On more words, each word has a root into the experience for its existence, under different conditions, by different people, with different thoughts.

To be continued...

Reading: Language and Worldview - Alvino E. Fantini

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