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Voice As Hands Free Action

Draft 1.0

On a more serious note - there are some predictions being made that voice is the big growth area in digital communications media - specifically growing an audience that wants to consume content. No I'm not too sure whether its the entertainment factor or whether there is actually something they teach. We have popularity and 

It seems an odd thing, but as far as business is concerned, and balancing that with the life worth living presently instead of some future event lived in the future provided you stay alive long enough to see the day, which is not today. Seems a little absurd right? 

Voice and automation is geared toward getting away from the keyboard or workstation while commanding a machine to do the repetitive tasks that can be automated. Not everything automated is good, some things should never be automated if you want a quality digital life.

All communication is voice - it's based on the utterance of a word - and it frees us up if we're able to speak our wishes than having to move to a full keyboard or work station to key in our digital commands. The human condition wan't to free itself from being a machine operator.

The machine is rather seen as an extension of labor without infringing on the rights of humans. Noble intentions but just a pity that so many humans must suffer as a result of testing the technology, people get exploited, lives get lost, generations are wiped out.

And all for an ideal that is not present in this moment.

But there is a way. People have for way too long chased the money, and forgot about the value. We have the world aflame learning how to code, and how to further the reach of the machine itself, all the while the world bleeds. Everyone is trying to reinvent the wheel.

Here is a truth - you don't need to learn how to make matches unless you're planning to make better matches than the one who is already making matches. You don't need to re-invent the wheel. There are so many things made in the world that it is wise to know what is out there and then to stitch them together into configuration you could assemble as solutions.

Forget about coding unless you know it's a passion - learn to understand what the coding is able to achieve and find ways to improve how coding is used. Did you know that all coding is based on the alphabet and our numerical match system which forms coding languages, but nothing is as powerful as the coding of spoken and written language, which is why voice, being spoken text, creates handsfree experience. 

Although there are many 'good' uses of voice command, like hypnosis, the underlying ability to use voice is rooted in imagery. In order for two people to understand what is being spoken about they use symbols in the form of words, artifacts we present to each other of the meaning we intend. This kind of communication of meaning, machines will never be able to do. 

The type of voice command that the machine is incredibly good and helpful with is as an extension of the human capacity to store information and retrieve it. It is the intellect of the human being that is amplified and extended through the use of digital technology. After all, the intellect is made up of 2 spheres, memory and intelligence. So it's no surprise that amplifying the human intellect will come with the ability to store and organize [important] information and the intelligence to retrieve it for usefulness in the present moment.

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