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Core Alignment Model

The Core Alignment Model is a meta-model for framing an authentic presence that unites the mission, vision, strategy, and tactics of living systems. The framework consists of parts that form the basis from which effective and meaningful action is envisioned and obtained.

We aim to mentally align individuals actors in key strategic areas of personal or business goals. By aligning valuers we help create a digitally cohesive, value driven, decentralized entrepreneurial environment driven by digital media technology as the background and focus for results.

Our framework/model proposes to address the core transformational visionary mechanism for the radical realignment of individual core values and corporate interest.

"This is the model by which I process my position in reality. It’s based on structural dynamics, cybernetics, and interface orientation. It does require an awareness of the dynamics involved with semiotics, digital skills, and visionary imagination. It’s one way you can place imagination in context other than be controlled by it. This leads to the use of this model as a core alignment tool to guide and navigate the action and thought process and act as a metal control loop in terms of instrumentation and interface design using, using the human body as instrument. By showing others how I think I have been able to help them become more grounded by creating a model for transformation in this current climate using digital technology which break down the authentic intellect in favor of artificial intellect (memory and intelligence)."
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